Get Your Head Out Of The Gutter!


All roads lead somewhere, but sometimes we keep taking the same road over and over again, head down, not really getting any where. I don’t mean your commute to work as sometimes that can’t be changed, and I don’t mean this only in the physical sense. How much are we not seeing because we are just going through the motions? Do we remain on that road out of habit, a sense of comfort, fear? What would happen if we change our direction just a bit, and tried heading down a different path? We’ll never know if we don’t try it. Whether it’s in our career, personal life, or spiritual walk, we will never know what’s in store for us if we don’t look around and take that first step down a different road. On that new road, we may find the reward to be greater than anything we could have ever imagined, or we may just confirm that the road we’ve been on is the right one for us. Either way, simply looking at things with a fresh perspective can be enlightening.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve started running in the mornings, a huge challenge for someone who isn’t a morning person. I don’t like to talk when I run, mostly because I’m too busy trying to breathe, and I don’t really look around much. I spend my time looking down, trying to talk myself into the next mile, mentally pushing myself to make it across the bridge and back.

Most mornings, this is what I see.

What I’ve been missing out on seeing is this.

The road I travel may have only shifted just a bit, but my perspective shifted a lot. My run hasn’t gotten any easier, I’m still trying to breathe, but the reward has definitely been enlightening!

Are you stuck on the same road, wishing for a change?

Are you being pushed in a new direction, but you’re too afraid to take that first step?

Is there a way to shift your direction a bit, change your perspective, and maybe reap the rewards?

What are you waiting for?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward


It was a hot, blustery day and his penetrating gaze was making me even more uncomfortable. I saw him eyeing me the moment I arrived, but dismissed it as curiosity to see someone not of his kind around these parts. He dared to make eye contact with me, and I took that moment to take him in as well from his large eyes not seeming to miss a single detail to his leathery skin and slow manner. I spent the morning slowly wandering the neighborhood, his neighborhood, taking in every detail of his environment. I felt the heat scorch my skin with every calculated step I took as I tried to place a comfortable distance between us. I was definitely a foreigner in these parts, and not accustomed to his forward ways. No matter which path I took it wasn’t long before I felt a presence, and turned to find him mere steps behind me once again. Did his kind not understand the concept of personal space?  Every step forward took me down another path of beautiful scenery and a newfound appreciation for my strange follower’s home. There was a calm and beauty all around me, one only experienced when nature surrounds me. I got caught up in the scenery, only realizing he had closed the gap between us once it was too late. I panicked and dropped my purse. A true gentleman would have picked it up for me, but this was no gentleman. I reached for the bag, and as I rose I realized I couldn’t move. He had me caught in an animalistic embrace common to his kind. I was taken aback until I realized he meant no harm. His actions might have been quite forward of him, but he only meant to welcome me to his home…the zoo.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Resolved – Weekly Photo Challenge

Photo Credit: littlemisswordy

Photo Credit: littlemisswordy


I believe in fresh starts, new chapters, and clean slates. I believe January 1st is a great opportunity to once again put things in perspective and make both practical and totally unrealistic goals. Life can be harsh enough without us passing up an invitation to dream. Dream big and dream often because on occasion we surprise ourselves by slowly walking in the direction of those dreams and sometimes unbeknownst to us actually stepping onto the exact path that will make those dreams come true. You see, sometimes when we let ourselves dream, really let ourselves believe we can accomplish that dream, something crazy and unexpected happens. We do it! And the reward is just as sweet as the journey my friends. So don’t frown on your past mistakes or failures. Don’t beat yourself up for the unfinished projects or long forgotten fantasies. Don’t mock those who make their resolutions year after year, because resolutions are hopes, dreams, and goals and who’s to say January 1 isn’t as good as June 6 or September 21 for a resolution. There is no designated date or time to dream. It’s an unscheduled event which requires no invitation or appointment.

My resolve this year is to finally face my fears and hop in one of these kayaks. They’ve been mocking me for years as I walk past them. They pose, show their true colors and allow the light to hit them just so…inviting me to dream, daring me to hope, and strengthening my resolve that I will climb into their bright shells and drift closer to my goal.

P.S. If I haven’t posted in a few weeks, send out a search party.

What do you dare to resolve, hope or dream?

Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunsets


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Let’s Be Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Sunsets

At the age of 2, he couldn’t grasp the concept of one day ending and another beginning. Every night we had a version of the same conversation always beginning with, “Mommy, when is it tomorrow?” Ever a mom, ever encouraging a good night’s sleep and rest for all, my standard response was always, “Well the sun goes down so it can be rested enough to shine on us again all day tomorrow. Once the sun wakes up and starts to shine, and starts to peek through your window, we know it is tomorrow.” Truth be told, I often followed it up with, “then and only then, should you get out of bed and wake mommy up” but I digress.

The above photo was taken on a little weekend getaway with a girlfriend at a time during which she was making some tough decisions regarding her future. I captured this photo at a spot that brings her peace of mind, a spot that fills her lungs and fills her soul. Life changing decisions can leave us paralyzed with fear…fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of being alone. And while there is hope in a rising sun, there is also something to be said for a sunset. Laying the past to rest, facing a new beginning, and the unfaltering assurance that the sun will again shine down on us tomorrow.