Don’t Give Up Your Dream…You Might Turn Goth.


Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Give Up Your Dream: Advice From My Kids

5. You will end up working at a job that doesn’t make you happy, like the McDonald’s Drive Thru Window

(Hey, wait a minute! How can you not be happy serving “Happy Meals” all day?)

4.  It will mean you don’t believe in God. 

(I guess there’s still the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and the jolly old fat guy)

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3.  You would just sit there.

(What if your dream is to sit? Although, this chair while ergonomically correct, is obviously making this guy miserable.)

2.  You will be…wait for it…BORED!

(Boredom is like the plague to all kids under the age of 10, and apparently this guy.

I’m assuming it was a guy for reasons that would generate another top 5 list)

1. You might turn Goth

(I admit I asked my 6-year-old to repeat this one, certain I misunderstood. It may be time to give The Cult cd a little break at our house.)

Hidden Talent


Each of us has a God given talent, and it is our obligation to share that talent with the world. It is also our obligation to encourage others on their journey to discover that talent, nurture that talent, and share that talent. Our little family of four recently dined in a small restaurant located on the grounds of a hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was a hotel we had frequented in the past, and a restaurant we had walked past on several occasions having no idea what talent lay just behind the front door. As we reviewed the menu and conversed, I caught a glimpse of one of the waiters standing in front of a giant chalkboard. He held a photo at eye level and kept flipping it, alternately looking over it and back at it. I was immediately intrigued. As I studied him a little longer, I realized the photo he was holding was the same image in progress on the chalkboard. Upon further inspection I noticed the little restaurant walls displayed a couple more of these chalkboards with what I originally thought were paintings.

The restaurant started to get a little busy, but we briefly visited with the young man in between his creating some amazing art and waiting on tables. He explained that his creations were a combination of chalk and pastels and shyly confessed, “I would be lost without a photo to guide me.” My reply, “photo or not, my chalk art would be guaranteed to include some stick figures.” Not only was he amazingly talented in my opinion, but incredibly humble.

He graciously accepted our compliments as though we were referring to a child’s driveway chalk art exhibit on a lazy Sunday afternoon. We didn’t get to visit with him long enough to find out if that’s where he discovered his hidden talent. I wondered if his parents carefully tiptoed through his outdoor gallery so as not to smudge his creations all the while praising him and encouraging his hidden talent.

As parents isn’t it our obligation to help our children discover their hidden talent? As loyal friends isn’t it our obligation to encourage those around us who are pursuing their talent? Heck, I was so tickled to stumble upon this complete stranger’s talent that I just had to share it with all of you. As a matter of fact, I was so intrigued by his technique, I googled it when I got home and came across another talented chalk artist who has been the subject of some controversial media attention as of late. The Huffington Post reported in July of this year, Alexander Schaefer was arrested for his “Burning Bank” series, a painting of his which depicted a Chase Bank on fire and “was intended to be a visual metaphor for the havoc that banking practices have caused to the economy.”  He was eventually arrested when the police were called by some folks who felt threatened by his art.

Whether we agree with Schaefer’s political stance or not, the guy has discovered his talent, has pursued his talent, and in his own way is sharing his talent with the world. So, whether someone’s canvas is a restaurant chalkboard, a city sidewalk, or their front driveway isn’t it our obligation to recognize talent when we see it?

Blog Awards


I just returned from a magical vacation with my family to find another magical surprise awaiting me. While I was gone, I was nominated for two blog awards. As a total newbie blogger in a sea of experienced bloggers, this means a lot to me. I write because it is something I really enjoy doing, and honestly it is a way for me to make room for more thoughts in this cluttered, warped, little mind of mine. The fact that anyone else enjoys what I write is bonus! I take each and every compliment, pat on the back, smile, comment, or words of encouragement pertaining to my writing to heart.

Thank you and I enjoy both of your blogs and am honored you selected mine for this award.

Next step: Share 7 things about myself which my followers may not know about me.

1. I am most at peace when I am near the ocean. I am an avid sea glass collector. I love swimming, soaking in the sun, walking, reading, playing with my kids or just sitting quietly and taking in God’s amazing creation. It feeds my soul.

2. I have two amazing children who inspire me to be a better me every day. When seeing the world through their eyes, the future of our society, our world, and humanity in general looks hopeful.

3. I LOVE to read, and I inhale books. I devour entire books in a couple of days when they really suck me into their world. I enjoy connecting with the characters and escaping into their world if only for a few days. After reading a really good book, I love hanging onto the feeling of it for days after I’ve finished it.

4. I have been married to my best friend (we met in college) for almost 18 years. My advice to all my single girlfriends is to find someone you know will be by your side through all of life’s trials and tribulations, will laugh with you when life seems to be laughing at you, and will support you and your dreams when life tries to get in the way of them.

5. There isn’t much I am afraid of, but I have a fear of fire.

6. I just started homeschooling my two kids to keep our family together outside the United States. There’s a reason my career was in Public Relations and not teaching, but I’m making it happen for my kiddos.

7. Family and friends are a really big deal to me. I consider myself to be a loyal friend through distance, time, and life circumstances. I’m always available for someone who needs me.

In no particular order, the following are blogs I have enjoyed since I started blogging in the last couple of months. There are so many out there, but I’ve been fortunate to come across these and large or small, they have made an impact on me. I’m sure the longer I explore, the longer this list will get.

Real or Disney? Round One (DP Challenge)


Ever have a thought that lingers in your head for days, not losing it’s grip no matter what else is going on around you? Artists create a beautiful painting or sculpture. Writers turn it into a bestseller or just settle for a blog post. Kids…well kids just voice it in the form of a whine or a tantrum or sometimes even a song they walk around the house singing, “my sister is a little nerd. mom doesn’t like it when I say turd.” What can I say? I have a six year old boy who finds all things poop hilarious.

I’m not sure what specifically sparked this one for me. Was it my upcoming Disney trip? The Presidential debate? The latest issue of People magazine? For days, I have been wondering when our society become overpopulated with Disney Creations? The online Merriam-Webster Dictionary does not currently have a definition for this term, but does define the term Disneyfication.


noun \ˌdiz-nē-fə-ˈkā-shən\

: the transformation (as of something real or unsettling) into carefully controlled and safe entertainment or an environment with similar qualities <the Disneyfication of a downtown>
Walt Disney + -fication
First Known Use: 1982
I define Disney Creations as people in the entertainment industry or of celebrity status, who have been created by Disney to appeal to the masses and draw them in like lemmings. Notice Merriam-Webster provided the “first known use” of disneyfication as occurring in 1982. Maybe 2012 will be listed along Disney Creation in the future and you can all think of me when you look it up for your kid’s 3rd grade school project. In all seriousness…or as serious as we can be about this, I’m sure it must be a scientific process that Disney has down pat given it’s success history. So, today let’s play Round One of REAL OR DISNEY shall we?
ANSWER: REAL  While he might exhibit much of the same qualities as a Disney created star, Bieber was discovered in 2008 by American talent manager, Scooter Braun, who came across Bieber’s videos on YouTube and later became his manager.
ANSWER: DISNEY Britney Spears – Arguably the biggest Disney star since Mickey Mouse, the pop princess made her mark as a Mousketeer on Disney’s ‘Mickey Mouse Club,’and soon became one of the biggest celebrities in the world, according to Access Hollywood.
ANSWER: REAL (Although, Disney owns ESPN which airs Monday Night Football, so it could be argued they own a piece of him I guess.)
ANSWER: DISNEY According to Time magazine, Bridgit Mendler is a willowy, blond teen with a sweet singing voice and decent comic timing. She’s also the show-biz equivalent of the next iPhone — a young Disney star-in-waiting. Mendler, 16, is getting the full Disney Channel rollout. Introduced with recurring guest spots on two of its hit shows, Jonas and Wizards of Waverly Place, she will star in her own series, Good Luck Charlie, in 2010. “I’ve been told to brace myself,” says Mendler. “If we have the success I hope we have with the show, everything will change.”

Mendler is following a path to fame the channel has mapped over the past three years.

Read more:,9171,1931732,00.html#ixzz291uAWg2q


ANSWER: REAL (though some may beg to differ) The White House Blog President Barack Obama delivered remarks on a strategy that will significantly help boost tourism and travel during a statement at the Magic Kingdom Theme Park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, Jan. 19, 2012.


ANSWER: This one may surprise you…DISNEY  Angelina Jolie’s daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, will play a young Sleeping Beauty in Disney’s upcoming film,Maleficent. Of course, the source for this one was MySpace so the jury is out on reliability.